Basil of Baker Street

(( So! Remember in my last post I said I had news? Well, here it is!

It’s quite simple but quite wonderful, and I just wanted to share it with you all…

Sherlock and I are now together. I am completely and totally in love it’s almost ridiculous.

And I just want to share a quick story with it too. Because… I went from being very… very Basil. I was very much against love, like he is. I didn’t want to fall in love. I didn’t think I was exactly meant for it. I’m very used to being alone and I don’t really rely on anyone. But as soon as I met Sherlock… I forgot about all of that. Simply forgot. It didn’t matter how closed I was, because I’d been falling for a long time, and as soon as we were together… that was all it took. 

So I found it interesting, more parallels between Basil and I. I feel for him even more now. He’s being a bit more stubborn about love, but now that I’ve let go and I see how amazing it can be, I think he’ll be able to let go too.

I’m just so happy.

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